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Yamaha Sled Talk is no ordinary blog. It represents a new social lens that manufacturers are beginning to utilize, through which consumers gain a better understanding. The idea could be touted as risky and awkward, but in Yamaha Motor Canada's case, I believe it creates a positive spin for their brand. 



This blog portrays a candid inside perspective at Yamaha Motor Canada from the eyes of a veteren employee, Chris Reid, who's job is every sledaddicts dream.

Chris provides phenomenal first hand accounts of his 20 years experience in the snowmobile product planning, development and marketing arena, sheding insight on projects like the SRX and Vmax4 that are nothing short of intriguing. He also highlights the anticipated dealer shows each year. Thats when all the new models are unvield. Chris delivers his personal accounts and pictures of the Yamaha bigwigs mixing it up on the trails with dealer participants as the new sleds give their first impressions.

But, it's evident after reading the indepth articles that his dream job requires significant commitment, long hours, alot of hard work, a positive attitude and a unique passion for the the sport. It's amazing that Chris executes is job with such professionalism while still finding time to write articles and answer questions from readers. 

Chris, if your reading this article... Thanks a million! Your contribution to snowmobile information on the web is highly appreciated!

What I enjoy the most about the content on Yamaha Sled Talk is that it washes away the marketing hype and shows us mortals that the driving force behind these industry leading OEM companies are normal people just like you and I. This highlights an important aspect consumers often forget about.

Yamaha Sled Talk enables consumers to realize there are reasonable explanations for the decisions and directions OEM's take. And it's refreshing to know that people like Chris are at the helm, or at least influencing decision processes,  and to me, that inspires overall confidence in the Yamaha brand.

Wether you're looking for an entertaining read,  want to learn more about Yamaha snowmobile development or need to see an excellent demonstration of quality snowmobile content on the web, then Yamaha Sled Talk is the website blog for you!


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