Sledworthy Magazine proves to be worthy of praise.

Sledaddicts.com has been anticipating the new snowmobile magazine format of Sledworthy, published by Focused Publications inc.,  for some time now, and the wait was well worth it.

The new magazine is visually stunning with glossy pages from front to back filled with excellent content and pictures that relate to snowmobilers in a unique way. Thier presentation of snowmobile experiences, reviews and information is right on the mark and well worth the shelf price of $3.95 . Most notably, the content has not been overpowered by sprawling advertising schemes so common in many of the magazines you will find on store shelves today.

Sledworthy magazine is actually only part of Focused Publications family of products, because they also have TREK Magazine which delivers great ATV, motorcycling, and outdoor content with worthy fashion and form.

If you know an outdoor enthusiast , this magazine subscription is the perfect gift idea.

Their subscription plans are very affordable, just take a moment to check out their website for the details.

I'm after reading my copy a number of times already because  the stories in the November edition just get my passion flowing and I end up out in the garage sitting on my sled wishing the trails were full of snow and I was blasting through the powder.

This is what I like about Sledworthy, it grabs the readers attention and draws them into the experiences decribed in the pages. Scott Crosbie, one of the Sledworthy contributors, has an awesome article called "Anticipation" which I love to read and Sledaddicts.com highly recommends this one specifically for all you hardcore sledders.

...what I like about Sledworthy, it grabs the readers attention and draws them into the experiences..."


Sledworthy is jammed packed with a bunch of awesome articles and another favorite of mine worth mentioning is called "Transformer RX" written by "Custom John" from CustomSleds.ca in Ontario. You'll really need to read the whole article to appreciate the custom sled he built which is capable of 350HP. I can summarize the article by saying that a sled evolved from being an RX1 to Firecat to Apex .. hence the name "Transformer RX".

...Sledworthy is jammed packed with a bunch of awesome articles.."

Sledaddicts.com highly recommends this Magazine, and it's definitely a collector. If you see a copy around at your buddies house or in the garage on the dash of his sled, take a few minutes to read one of the articles, we garuntee you'll want to read the whole edition from cover to cover.

Thanks Sledworthy, you get Two thumbs up from SledAddicts.com