Outlaw Grass Drags Are Fun

As the Summer days shorten, our passion for snowmobiling awakes for another season. Now the unslaught of adrenalin enthusiasts prepping sleds and getting the family out for a day of Grass Drag Entertainment are here once again.

Even the modest sledaddicts are making their way to the grassy fields to get a whiff of 2stroke smoke, prepping their hearts and their imaginations of another fantastic season of snowmobiling.

Grass Drags are 100% FUN with mixture of camping, BBq's, Swap Meets, all in the company of friends sharing a common desire for their favorite winter past time.

The whole concept of grass drags is an exciting perversion of inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier's idea to travel over snow.  One can only imagine what he would think of the outrageous water stunts performed on a modern snowmobile.

If you havn't been to a grass drag event or snowmobile swap meet, then check out some of these venues, you'll have a grand time!!




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