Follow the Rookie

Dear SledAddicts Editor:

I am writing this letter today with a proposal. After following this site for the past few years, I've come to enjoy the fresh articles, links, and content found on this site. Now I'd like to share the experiences of my newfound passion to my fellow SledAddicts.

As a relative ‘newbie’ to the sport of Snowmobiling, I am pitching the idea of a “Snowmobile Diary” for your website “SledAddicts”, writing about my first full year of snowmobiling on the West Coast of Newfoundland. This diary will contain an account of my weekly riding as well as the ‘trials and tribulations’ associated with the sport (ie. maintenance, learning new riding skills, and how I incorporate riding into my hectic work and family life). 

My background is pretty typical; Married, professional, 3 young children, and just bought MY first snowmobile, a 2005 Renegade 800. I ‘squeezed’ this purchase into the family budget so that we now own 2 sleds, the other, affectionately known as ‘Barney’, is a purple, 1998 Polaris 500 Classic Touring. My hope over the next 4-5 months is to incorporate my wife and 3 little kids into this sport and to create a fun family recreational activity.

My other ambition is to learn a new riding skills and maintenance on my sled. Friends tell me that the level of enjoyment and terrain that I will travel is a function of how well I can learn both. That is to say, if I’m a skilled rider I can go into more remote areas, and if I can maintain my sled myself, then there’s more money for gas J.

So, please, join me on this journey. It’s my wish that others will see they are not alone in their amateur riding careers, and that learning new riding skills and maintenance is not nearly as hard as it looks.


The Rookie.