Arctic Cat's Hill Climb Racer M8


When a manufacturer pegs a model with a name like "Hill Climb Racer" (HCR),  the consumer automatically envisions a seriously decked out snowmobile that can take abuse and perform spetacularly in the mountains of the real world. 



Arctic Cat's latest limited build LATE RELEASE race prepped 153" M8 HCR model is a real head turner.  After HCR was released at HayDays 2008 in September, along with updated Sno Pro editions of the Racer and Z1 Turbo and CrossFire R 1000, Arctic Cat begin claiming the title of "World's Fastest Lineup".  It will be interesting to see how real world reviews will define this new model in a month or so when the snow arrives to stay. Lets hope there is sufficient evidence the Arctic Cat M8 HCR deserves such an honorable title.


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                       Get More Arctic Cat Wallpapers for your computer HERE!!


The new M8 HCR has some serious attitude with a tourqey 794cc liquid twin pulling a rigid 153 x 2.25" Power Claw™ paddle track.  Add aggressively wide 43" stanced keel skis, some lightweight titanium parts and a Boss seat, Now you're prepped to dominate any large hill or mountain you encounter, if you can handle the furious growl this Cat offers.


Buying an HCR means you have acquired a thirst for adrenaline and heart pounding off trail excitment.  Since this is a limited build, you may be dissappointed if you can't get one from an Arctic Cat dealer... but don't fret!! 

Why not consider getting the M8 153 SnoPro, which is just a cool a sled. Either way you will be piloting a seriously mean mountain sled this winter because the whole M lineup has translated  22lbs of chasis weight into more power and agility.


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