Protection Tips From a Professional Backcountry Rider

Greg O'Brien from Phat Mountain Films lends insight on being prepared and protected when adventuring off the groomed trails...... "Stumps, rocks, shrubs, trees and all of their little buddies are everywhere and super exposed in the first months of winter and I know this because I was previously employed as an official rock detector. Now of course these dangers are present the whole year through...but not as much as in the early months. Skis, a arms, shocks, bulkheads, side panels...all expensive, all much more enjoyable still on the sled intact rather than buckled into a position in which they clearly don't belong.

But while that does suck the big one (sure nobody wants to spend dollars and have downtime with a wrecked snowmobile) it’s not nearly as bad as the downtime you would succumb to if you broke some other parts. Your own parts. Although less costly to fix (If you’re Canadian) your body doesn’t quite repair as easily. It’s not like you can swap out a few discs in the ol' spine for some new ones or throw in an OEM knee or front tooth.

The toys recover much quicker than us, no therapy or braces for 12 weeks required for them. No post op sitting in the shed to heal up after changing out your secondary. For this reason I enjoy dressing up as a transformer before I ride. Body Armor!! The more the merrier of course.

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