Sledworthy Magazine Launches 6th Season

Not only is this magazine Atlantic Canad's best contribution to the North American sled mag index, it's guaranteed to be jammed packed with an excellent diversity of articles and one of, if not the best, for quality snowmobile enthusiast content. You will not be dissappointed! I always purchase a copy off the shelf as they are readily available here in Newfoundland corner stores and gas stations. One thing I have to say about Sledworthy is I can pick up any edition and read many of the articles over and over with enjoyment... especially in the summertime when you return from the sled stable and need that sledaddict fix. [More]

Little Bear Lodge - Extreme Snowmobiling Launch Point

Here on "The Rock" snow has been scarce throughout most of the Island with the exception of a few key areas. One of of those snowmobile playgrounds is the infamous backcountry located in and around Newfoundlands Gros Morne National Park.

The impression I've been getting from snowmobile enthusiasts is they cannot wait to get their first ride in for the season, and are looking for any option to get them on the snow to relieve themselves of their addicting snowmobile adrenaline.

If you are in that predicament, you should do yourself a favor and book a week of accomodations at the Little Bear Lodge, nestled convienently on the outskirts of Gros Morne National Park on Bonne Bay Big Pond, Newfoundland , Canada.

Little Bear Lodge is an executive
style chalet located on the
beach of beautiful Bonne Bay
Big Pond just 20kms north of the
town of Deer Lake on the great
Northern Peninsula of
Newfoundland. [More]

Protection Tips From a Professional Backcountry Rider

Greg O'Brien from Phat Mountain Films lends insight on being prepared and protected when adventuring off the groomed trails...... "Stumps, rocks, shrubs, trees and all of their little buddies are everywhere and super exposed in the first months of winter and I know this because I was previously employed as an official rock detector. Now of course these dangers are present the whole year through...but not as much as in the early months. Skis, a arms, shocks, bulkheads, side panels...all expensive, all much more enjoyable still on the sled intact rather than buckled into a position in which they clearly don't belong.

But while that does suck the big one (sure nobody wants to spend dollars and have downtime with a wrecked snowmobile) it’s not nearly as bad as the downtime you would succumb to if you broke some other parts. Your own parts. Although less costly to fix (If you’re Canadian) your body doesn’t quite repair as easily. It’s not like you can swap out a few discs in the ol' spine for some new ones or throw in an OEM knee or front tooth.

The toys recover much quicker than us, no therapy or braces for 12 weeks required for them. No post op sitting in the shed to heal up after changing out your secondary. For this reason I enjoy dressing up as a transformer before I ride. Body Armor!! The more the merrier of course.

" [More]

Badger Lake Drifters 4th Annual Sled Excursion

A few weekends ago a crew of sledaddicts gathered again in Central Newfoundland to embark on another weekend of snowmobiling. Generally a guys weekend of sledding consists of poker, darts, watching hockey and enjoying a few cold ones in the night while we ride hard all day in search of powder and drifts.

February 6-8th 2009 was no exception. Although all the guys couldn't make it, we managed to round up enough sled carnage and got ourselves stuck pretty good to satisfy any sledaddiction. [More]

Newfoundland's #1 BackCountry Hillbillies

I remember hearing the oldtimers talk about those long harsh winters here on "The Rock" when snow started falling in early October and the season begin to clear up by mid April. One of the overbearing themes of these folktales is how difficult it was to travel and survive. Before I know it, someday, I too will be talking about those long winter seasons. Fortunately I'll be able to show those young gaffers in vivid video detail what we did Back in the Old Days.  Without a doubt there's certainly nothing harsh and difficult about the Awesome Time SledAddicts are having on  "The Rock" this year. In case you don't know, SledAddicts.com is based out of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada where Newfies take their snowmobiling very seriously. Every community has die hard snowmobile fanatics who crave for long cold winters and lots of snow. Newfoundland also has some of the best snowmobiling in Canada, and only recently has it been getting some real exposure at the 2009 Yamaha dealer conference held earlier this month. If you ever get an opportunity to visit this wonderful land, you'll really begin to appreciate what the Yamaha Executives were talking about. If you've lived in Newfoundland, especially if you grew up in the rural setting that so many Newfies are accustomed too, you understand how easy it is to ride everyday. Many of us have the luxury of litterally leaving from our door step on snowmobile to enjoy a wide variety of open snow covered terrain where your will, nerve and imagination are the only limiting factors keeping you back from experiencing true snowmobile addiction. Last year I stumbled upon some awesome videos from Newfoundland's BackCountry HillBillies, and they've been featured in the VideoLounge ever since. These are an excellent bunch of sledaddicts that just Love to jump, carve and take great video footage of all their antics while they ride the terrain of the Long Range Mountains on Newfoundlands Northern Pennisula and West Coast. If i'm at work and need a break, or I'm craving a quick fix for my own SledAddiction in the middle of summer, I come here to SledAddicts.com and watch some BackCountry Hillbillies!! If you want an idea what snowmobiling is like here in Newfoundland, these BackCountry Hillbillies Video Spotlights will paint an accurate picture for you. Special Thanks to John Smallwood and Mike Lavers and the rest of the crew from BackCountry Hillbillies here on "The Rock" for putting together all your great videos. You get 2 Thumbs up from SledAddicts.com   SledAddicts.com Favorite 3 BackCountry Hillbillies Videos   #1 Little Bit Of Our Country   #2 Back Country Hillbillies Classic   #3  "A Mans Gotta Eat ... Lobster"    SledAddicts.com, your Snowmobile Information and Entertainment Authority. Rev It Up!!