Swedens Ruff Riders Extreme Snowmobiling

The legend of Ruff Riders began in the small town Gällivare in northern Sweden. With some of the highest peaks in Scandinavia at your doorstep, and very long winters with lots of snow, this was a perfect framing for the beginning of freeride snowmobiling. As the years passed, the Ruff Riders have evolved to the biggest influence in Scandinavia regarding freeriding and freestyle snowmobiling. During the summer these guys often find themselves doing other stunts and extremesport activites, which has always been an influence in the Ruff Riders spirit. As new riders joined the pack, motocross and other extreme sports have gotten to know about the Ruff Riders aswell. Today Ruff Riders crew extends to riders all over Sweden, and even a few Americans. [More]

World Record Backflip

World record backflip attempt!!   Sweden legend Daniel Bodin will attempt to break the world record backflip on a snowmobile from ramp to snow in Feb, 2009!   Right now the world record holder on ramp to snow is Dane Ferguson he set this record at last years X Games at 135 feet. But the record holder for the longest backflip everis held by Daniel at 147 ft snow to snow. Last year while filming with the famous Turnagain Hardcore Daniel was on a mission to set the new world record back flip from snow to snow. The previous record from snow to snow was set on the same jump at 110ft. With the throttle pinned he hit the jump and flew upside down and landed at 147 ft and the new world record back flip.   Watch the Record Jump Video ....  Daniel Bodin  is one of the worlds most extreme moto and snowmobile riders in the world. With the ability to perform on both moto and snowmobile Daniel can train year around to help put his name at the top when the records are broke.   Don’t miss the opportunity for your name to be advertised on one of the most extreme jumps in world history. Click Image to learn more about the Snowmobile FreeStyle Event       SledAddicts.com - Your Snowmobile Entertainment & Information authority!!