BackCountry Hillbillies WaterCross

  There might not be much, if any,  snow left to ride but that doesn't stop the HillBillies from keeping the sleds out of the stables and ready for some video action. Check out this video as the crew attempts a multiple person water cross in a small shallow pond next to the ocean.   Remember, DO NOT attempt to duplicate these stunts, Always where a PFD, and always follow you local state/provincial boating regulations when crossing water.         Join the BackCountry HillBillies Social Network and begin sharing your snowmobile comments, vids, and pics with a great bunch of sledaddicts who love to have fun on snowmobiles.... Winter Season Optional!     SledAddicts.com - Your Snowmobile Entertainment and Information Authority .....  RevItUp!!

BackCountry Hillbillies - The Lavers Excursion May 17th

Mike has been offshore chompin at the bit for a piece of action on the hills all spring while the rest of the BCH crew have been making the most of excelllent spring riding conditions.  When the snow melts around the communities and towns of the province, The Backcountry Hillbillies  are searching for white gold in the Long Range Mountains hoping to get a few last jumps and hill climbs in before summer claims the rest of the snow. The Long weekend in May 2008 was no exception, as they embarked on another snowmobile trip.  Video Highlights from  May 17, 2008 Thanks BackCountry Hillbillies for your dedication and passion for this fantastic past time.

Newfoundland's #1 BackCountry Hillbillies

I remember hearing the oldtimers talk about those long harsh winters here on "The Rock" when snow started falling in early October and the season begin to clear up by mid April. One of the overbearing themes of these folktales is how difficult it was to travel and survive. Before I know it, someday, I too will be talking about those long winter seasons. Fortunately I'll be able to show those young gaffers in vivid video detail what we did Back in the Old Days.  Without a doubt there's certainly nothing harsh and difficult about the Awesome Time SledAddicts are having on  "The Rock" this year. In case you don't know, SledAddicts.com is based out of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada where Newfies take their snowmobiling very seriously. Every community has die hard snowmobile fanatics who crave for long cold winters and lots of snow. Newfoundland also has some of the best snowmobiling in Canada, and only recently has it been getting some real exposure at the 2009 Yamaha dealer conference held earlier this month. If you ever get an opportunity to visit this wonderful land, you'll really begin to appreciate what the Yamaha Executives were talking about. If you've lived in Newfoundland, especially if you grew up in the rural setting that so many Newfies are accustomed too, you understand how easy it is to ride everyday. Many of us have the luxury of litterally leaving from our door step on snowmobile to enjoy a wide variety of open snow covered terrain where your will, nerve and imagination are the only limiting factors keeping you back from experiencing true snowmobile addiction. Last year I stumbled upon some awesome videos from Newfoundland's BackCountry HillBillies, and they've been featured in the VideoLounge ever since. These are an excellent bunch of sledaddicts that just Love to jump, carve and take great video footage of all their antics while they ride the terrain of the Long Range Mountains on Newfoundlands Northern Pennisula and West Coast. If i'm at work and need a break, or I'm craving a quick fix for my own SledAddiction in the middle of summer, I come here to SledAddicts.com and watch some BackCountry Hillbillies!! If you want an idea what snowmobiling is like here in Newfoundland, these BackCountry Hillbillies Video Spotlights will paint an accurate picture for you. Special Thanks to John Smallwood and Mike Lavers and the rest of the crew from BackCountry Hillbillies here on "The Rock" for putting together all your great videos. You get 2 Thumbs up from SledAddicts.com   SledAddicts.com Favorite 3 BackCountry Hillbillies Videos   #1 Little Bit Of Our Country   #2 Back Country Hillbillies Classic   #3  "A Mans Gotta Eat ... Lobster"    SledAddicts.com, your Snowmobile Information and Entertainment Authority. Rev It Up!!