A SledAddicts Christmas Wishlist

It was 12:15 A.M on December 25th when a SledAddict, Mr.Hidy, closed the curtains to a snowy night. With a greasy grin he laid his head into the soft pillows to rest his weary bones after spending a long evening of shoveling.

Winter had officially arrived on the East coast of Canada, bringing with it an abundance of snow, Hidy was very content to say the least as the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” shuffled through his head.

For awhile Mr. Hidy was expecting a green Christmas. He gladly accepted his misguided intuitions as Mother Nature threw her coat over Newfoundland, making this upcoming holiday season a jolly one at that. [More]

SledAddicts.com Pre-Season Update

 SledAddicts.com would like to thank so many faithful readers during the summer downtime.  Our visitor statistics reflect people are happy to see new content throughout the summer months.  In addition to our in house articles, SledAddicts.com Visitors most enjoyed Ebay Sleds and the always popular Video Lounge and Photo Gallery features. This summer, SledAddicts had tremendous response in visitors from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany, as well as consitent visits from New Zealand, Japan, and as far North as Barrow Alaska. Canadian visits increased tremendously while visitors from the USA remained strong as usual. Thanks everyone for tuning in!!  We'll work even harder to improve our off season content tremendously in 2009, in addition to the new content ideas we'll be showing this season.  Its going to be an exciting year!   We kindly ask you to show us your appreciation by helping spread the word.  Take a few minutes and Email 5 of your friends about SledAddicts.com Free snowmobile content, they'll be glad you did!       2009 Season Update This Fall SledAddicts.com will be revealing new features to help improve and promote quality snowmobile content. 2008 revealed a major overhaul of SledAddicts presentation of features with a sleek delivery for both pc and mobile devices. In 2009, we'll be delivering 4 original SledAddicts.com content streams. Starting with a new magazine style Ezine "From the Garage" we'll be bringing amature garage stories and snowmobile product reviews to you in four flashy editions. This features jump page SledAddicts Tech will be co-authored by SledAddicts new tech writer Steve Adams.  This is also where we'll be revealing all the project Rev highlights with the help of our valued Sponsors Cudney Racing, ArcticFX Graphics,  Straightline Performance and Tricked-Toys.com. On the personal side "The SledAddicts Journal" will present readers with diary style writeups about snowmobile ideas, rides, trips and adventures. If you have a snowmobile story to share, contact and send us your story and we'll add it to the The SledAddicts Journal. On the fun side our exclusive "Sledy's Adventures" comics will introduce SledAddicts.com's mascot Sledy the Sled. Sledy Navada Nytro and the gang will be a big hit with both young and old audiences, and he has a BIG SURPRISE to reveal  that you will Love. Finally, Sledaddicts.com will be showcasing companies, Events, Affiliates and Gold Sponsors in our new MicroSites feature. Stay tuned because SledAddicts.com content is about to step it up a notch, we sure you'll enjoy it.   Special Coverage SledAddicts.com will be delivering a variety of articles highlighting Alberta's WhiteCourt Snowmobile Club who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary in a big way this coming Febuary. With a host of awesome snowmobile events the main event will be a spetacular multi day snow cross demonstration with Professional riders and an insane world record BackFlip attempt by Daniel Bodin, you won't want to miss this!!       Special Thanks To All our Sponsors who support SledAddicts.com Content Gold Sponsor(s) Click Gold Badge For Sponsor Details           Bronze Sponsor(s)         Have a Question or Comments about Sponsorship plans and Advertising? Contact Us